Revolution 1.0 - can help reduce or even eliminate shoulder pain.

The Wheelchair that Reduces Shoulder Pain

Why do some manual wheelchairs cause shoulder pain?

The main problem with traditional wheelchair pushing is that it relies mainly on two smaller muscle groups. Over time these muscles frequently become overused and tighten, pulling the shoulder joint forward into an unstable position, this makes the shoulder joint prone to injury and pain.

What are the solutions for wheelchair induced shoulder pain?

The Revolution 1.0 which uses ROWHEELS patented technology can often make a significant difference, reducing or even eliminating shoulder pain.
Like any injury it will take time for your body to recover. Think about other activities that might be contributing to shoulder pain. For example think about the number of transfers you do in a day, multiply that by the year — transfers are a huge part of your ability to stay independent. The more you can protect your shoulders while doing this, the more you preserve your ability to maintain your independence and quality of life.

How does the ROWHEELS wheelchair reduce shoulder pain?

When using the ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 you pull on the hand-rims to go forward. This pulling action uses more capable muscles in your upper back and shoulders resulting in a reduced risk of shoulder-related injuries, indeed over time the ROWHEELS pulling action will help strengthen your upper-body.

What do others say about ROWHEELS and reduced shoulder pain?

Here is what one ROWHEELS user said in a recent interview with New Mobility magazine.

In 2016, Andy Imlay was working long days at a theme park in his wheelchair. Imlay, 39, has cerebral palsy and was taking 150 mg/day of tramadol, an opioid, for moderate to severe shoulder pain. He came across the Rowheels website, asked for a demo, and has been using his HX wheels on his TiLite Aero Z since then. “I’m happy to report that as of a month ago, I no longer take any pain meds,” he says. “I absolutely think it has everything to do with the Rowheels. And I’ve lost some weight. The high gear wheels cause me to pull back harder.”

You can read the full interview by following this link:  Andy Imlay Interview

Medical research.

Medical research into Rowheels unique pull technology.
Several in-depth research studies have confirmed the benefits of pulling over pushing. You can read those research studies by following this link: Medical Research Studies


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