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Rediscovering your sexuality after a spinal cord injury can be difficult, and getting your groove back after secondary complications can be equally challenging. Regan Linton shares success stories and strategies from wheelers who broke out of the “body ruts” that inevitably come with SCI and figured out how to revive their sensuality and sexuality. Emily Hupe picks up the story there and looks at how couples keep the flame of passion burning as the years roll by.

Why do some wheelers seek dangerous pastimes like snowmobiling, big wave surfing or other extreme forms of recreation? Seth McBride reports on what makes them tick.

No matter where you live, accessible national and state parks are not far away. Our correspondents highlight an array of options to check out on your next vacation.

Steve Wright provides a roadmap for getting your city to remove barriers and promote progressive legislation for people with disabilities.

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Putting the S-C-I in Social Media
Social media is here to stay, and so are a growing number of influencers with SCI who are shaping many of the online discussions around disability in ways never seen before. Brook McCall talks with an array of SCI social media stars to see what life is like on the other side of the screen, including how they’ve built their followings, what they hope to accomplish, and how they handle the responsibilities that come with their high visibility.

A Life in Baseball
Cory Hahn was one of the best teenage baseball players in the world before an awkward slide into second base made him a quadriplegic. The slide may have cost him his on field career, but Ian Ruder finds he is making his mark off the field for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Beach Solutions
Spring means the sun is beginning to peek out, warm water is beckoning, and enjoying the beach is just a question of navigating the sand and figuring out how to relax. Jessica Farthing reports on the gear and tactics to help you get the most out of your next beach visit.

The Family Hotel Problem
An affordable, accessible hotel room that can accommodate a family is a “unicorn” for wheelchair users who want to travel with loved ones. Sylvia Curbelo Longmire breaks down the problem and offers some suggestions for both travelers and the travel industry.

Todd Against The Machine
Independence could be just a switch away, if the switch in question is Apple’s Switch Control. Todd Stabelfeldt unlocks the keys to regaining control of all your electronic devices with this simple tech.