At the end of 2019, ROWHEELS began selling products with commercial giant Walmart.

Gaurav Mishra, CEO, said: ‘We are very excited to have been specially selected by Walmart to bring our patented technology to their online retail platform as part of their increased focus on offering innovative products at This will help us to broaden our commercial reach and spread the word about the benefits of ROWHEELS’ therapeutic wheelchair technology. We have had a successful launch over the holiday period and it is amazing to see the positive uptake in such a short time.’

Now available to Walmart shoppers, ROWHEELS’ patented technology is clinically proven to reduce the upper body pain suffered by up to 70% of traditional wheelchair users, caused by compression of the shoulder joint due to the pushing action. ROWHEELS also provides improved mobility, with a gearing system that makes it easier to go up inclines and traverse challenging surfaces.

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