Rowheeling…with Scott Chesney

February 13,

Pushing Limitations…with the Push Girls

As people
with disabilities, we are constantly faced with challenges and obstacles that
those who are able-bodied may never face in their lifetimes.  Some face those life-altering moments with a
primal courage that can tackle the world.
Others, who are not to be judged, can’t seem to tap into that courage
that I believe we all have access to within us.
Some of those pathways that can assist us in our navigation, are those
individuals with disabilities who choose to not only survive, but thrive in
their lives.  Four great ROLE or ROLL
models for me and so many others around the world are the Push Girls.

The Push Girls are four amazing women who
are thriving in the face of their paralysis.
They took the world by storm in April of 2012 when their reality
television program, Push Girls, debut
on SundanceTV .  Angela Rockwoo


Fd (a
quadriplegic since 2001, the result of a car accident), Mia Schaikewitz (a
paraplegic since the age of 15 when an arteriovenous malformation “AVM”
ruptured in her spinal cord), Angel Auti (a paraplegic since 1992, the result
of a car accident), and Tiphany Adams (a paraplegic since 2000, the result of a
car accident) brought the world into their lives, sharing their day-to-day
trials and tribulations living with their disabilities.  

Last weekend
out in Los Angeles, I caught up with my dear friend Angela and my new friends
Mia and Auti and told them how Push Girls
was the first program that our family (my wife, a 13-year old, and a 10-year
old) watched together that dealt with real-life issues, many of which consisted
of living with disabilities.  Sure, my
family sees what I go through on a daily basis, but to see a disability through
the eyes of others is a totally different experience and one for which I am so
grateful.  Through a mutual friend,
Angela and I met three years ago in person and immediately made a deep
connection.  She is my soul-and-roll
sister.  Mia, who I met for the first
time in person last weekend, and I hit it off right away, partially because we
became paralyzed the same way (an illness) at exactly the same age.  We actually took a long car ride in her
convertible.  Yeah, you trying get two
people with paralysis and their chairs in a small car like that.  We did it because we both believe that
anything is possible!  And Auti, who I
only spoke to briefly, but immediately felt her loving and rebellious sides
that have helped her push so many boundaries and limitations that continue to
help her thrive!  Unfortunately, I did
not get a chance to meet Tiphany in person, but if that is a connection that is
meant to be, I am confident it will happen.

So being
with these three beautiful and highly talented women made me think that I was
Bosley from Charlie’s Angels and needed to develop an assignment for them.  My mission now is to help them experience the
joys, health, and confidence I am experiencing by Rowheeling.  They have put a lot of miles on those
shoulders and have so many more miles to go as they continue to make such a
positive difference in this world.  As
their friend, and extended brother in a wheelchair, I owe it to them to help
them, as they have helped me, maximize their lives.  Stay tuned and continue to push those limitations!

Enjoy the