March 25, 2016

Experiencing…is Believing!

Last week I shared a video with you that SHOWED how much stronger my back has become in past four months of using Rowheels. Today, I want to share with you the data that has been collected and compiled over the past four months that absolutely confirms how amazing I feel. Together with my amazing wife, Pratiksha, who is Doctor of Physical Therapy, we have documented this fourth-month journey. When I first began Rowheeling, I did not know how this was going to work out. Like everything in life that can possibly benefit us, we must give it a try. We owe it to ourselves to enhance our quality of life and this experience was no different for me.

As you will quickly learn by ready this study, I was experiencing some pain in my shoulders before I began using Rowheels. The intensity that I bring to my daily activities is very high and sometimes that will take a toll on my shoulders. People with mobility disabilities who are manual wheelchair-users are at great risk to develop shoulder problems. As we grow older with our disabilities this risk only increases. Developing shoulder problems while pushing a wheelchair has always been deemed inevitable. Well, I don’t want to be a depressing statistic anymore and the Rowheeling experience has changed that for me.

Over the past four months, NOTHING, other than using Rowheels as my daily wheel of choice, has changed in my life….not my diet, not my exercise routine, nor the medications that I take. My daily activities remain as intense as ever, but somehow, someway, my shoulder pain has decreased. That somehow and someway is my using Rowheels…plain and simple!

The Rowheels Experience has made me an even stronger BELIEVER that we can choose to improve our quality of life, but it requires us to take action!

Enjoy your journey!

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