Rowheeling…with Scott Chesney

January 19,

Progress = Resilience + Patience

Whether it
is a baby step, a giant leap, or somewhere in between, we love to see PROGRESS
in our lives.  PROGRESS gives us hope
(great acronym…Hold On Possibilities
Exist), increased energy, and more
confidence in pursuing our goal.  The two
ingredients that I have found to be so important to making PROGRESS, especially
when it comes to Rowheeling, are RESILIENCE and PATIENCE.

When it
comes to Rowheeling, the PROGRESS can be experienced immediately.  The moment you learn of the tremendous
benefits (reduced shoulder stress, improved posture, and stronger shoulder and
back muscles) that Rowheels offer each user is the moment you are mentally making PROGRESS.  You have educated yourself and opening
yourself to improving your quality of life.
That is the first step.  Then like
anything, you must take action!  PROGRESS
is then made when you take these benefits, that you have absorbed and
understand mentally, and at the very least, try Rowheels.  

When you
make an effort to try Rowheels, you have become RESILIENT.  You have adapted to the adversity of living
life from a wheelchair and have made a decision to be healthier in the manner
in which you propel yourself.  When I
first began Rowheeling, I could not propel my wheelchair five yards.  My muscle memory of 30 years was the
resistance to RESILIENCE so I needed to find a way to make PROGRESS because
that would reduce the resistance and begin to quiet my muscle memory.  Like anything in life, your mind will create
excuses for us not to make change.  In
the beginning, my mind would tell me that it would be “easier” to just use my
old wheels.  My mind also told me 30
years ago that I could not move forward in the face of paralysis.  I am so glad that I did not listen to my mind
then and so thankful that I did not listen to my mind when it told me that my
other wheels are “easier.”  Easier does
not mean better and I have witnessed a gradual “ease” developing each and every
day using my Rowheels. In just 30
minutes of Rowheeling, I had seen
Within just two days of
using Rowheels full-time I began to visually notice and feel that my posture
had improved.  My wife, who I mentioned
is a physical therapist noticed the improvement as well
Two weeks later, I met with the
Wheelchair Seating Clinic Director at my local rehabilitation center and her
first words were, “Wow!  Your posture
looks so much better while you are propelling your wheelchair.”

Along with
RESILIENCE comes PATIENCE in our pursuit of PROGRESS!  Whether it be a new wheelchair, a new
cushion, a new shower chair, a new van, etc., PATIENCE is always
imperative.  I always tell people that
people with disabilities are Masters of PATIENCE!  We have endured so much in our lives…we all
want more independence, some of us are waiting for cures, others want their
bladder and bowel control back, some want equal opportunities when it comes to
employment, etc.  Our PATIENCE is tested
daily, for some people, minute-to-minute.
Rowheeling will test your PATIENCE in the form of going against your
muscle memory, but as I have just shared, it is not insurmountable.  I still find myself grabbing my tire and
wanting to “push” the way I did and Rowheels allows me to do that.  Am I navigating my wheelchair as quickly and
as efficiently as I did with the other tires?
Not yet, but each and every day that has improved and I am experiencing
PROGRESS.   How many people can honestly
say that they experience PROGRESS each and every day in their lives?  Well, when it comes to Rowheeling, I have and
I attribute that to two amazing traits that Rowheeling has elevated, RESILIENCE

And the Rowheeling
journey continues…onward!