ROWHEELING with Scott Chesney

April 16, 2016

“The science in a muscular sense is awesome! Your product is neat and brilliant from a muscle imbalances standpoint.”

Blake Loftin, University of Auburn wheelchair basketball player

The Rowheeling Revolution is in full force! Slowly, but surely we are reducing the “traditional” push of a wheelchair and replacing it with a more natural “rowing” motion.

After last weekend’s presence at the National Wheelchair Basketball Association’s national tournament and connecting with some of the country’s top wheelchair basketball athletes, we are turning heads, and making more people think about the way they propel their wheelchairs. Before Rowheels, you had no choice. You either pushed or you stayed home. Today, thanks to Rowheels, you have a choice, and one of those choices our research continues to show, is the healthier choice!

Our Rowheels are finding their way into rehab centers, hospitals, VAs, pediatric hospitals/rehab centers, and even assisted-living facilities. People are tired of having tired and painful shoulders…the result of “pushing’ too much. Multiple research groups are currently studying these major benefits that Rowheels offer.

The Rowheels Revolution is coming to the NY/NJ Metro area in just TWO short weeks! We will be at BOOTH 621 at the Abilities Expo, April 29-May 1st at the NJ Convention & Expo Center in Edison, NJ. We invite you to come and have YOUR OWN ROWHEELING EXPERIENCE! My team and I will be waiting for you, answer any questions that you may have, and encourage you to test out these amazing wheels and see for yourself what Rowheeling can do to change your life!

Enjoy the journey!


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