Pushing a Wheelchair is Hard: ROWHEELS Makes it Easy!

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Pushing a Wheelchair is Hard: ROWHEELS Makes it Easy!

For years, manually powered wheelchairs have required users to adopt the same basic action to propel themselves – pushing their wheel rims forward. But this traditional pushing action relies mainly on two small muscle groups in the upper body.

Over time, these muscles become overused and tighten, pulling the shoulder joint forward into an unstable position. This makes the shoulder joint prone to the injuries and pain suffered by 70% of manual wheelchair users.

In fact, multiple clinical studies link manual wheelchair push propulsion to the development of shoulder imbalance and poor posture.

But now there is an alternative: ROWHEELS.

The brainchild of NASA engineer and wheelchair-user Salim Naser, ROWHEELS’ unique wheel design allows users to propel themselves forward using a pulling (or rowing) action rather than the traditional pushing motion.

Rowheels Inc. patented technology, which is available as an enhancement to any manual wheelchair via the company’s range of wheelsets, or through its latest offering, a complete wheelchair product called the ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 Wheelchair.

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