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Using the patented ROWHEELS system, you pull on the hand-rims to go forward. This pulling action uses more capable muscles in your upper back and shoulders resulting in a reduced risk of shoulder-related injuries. ROWHEELS is the only therapeutic manual wheelchair wheel.

  • Reduce/eliminate pain
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Improve posture
  • Better breathing

The Problem with Pushing

Conventional manual wheelchair push propulsion relies primarily on two muscles (the anterior deltoid and pectoralis major) for most of its propulsive power. 

These muscles often become substantially stronger than the posterior back and shoulder muscles, whose job it is to stabilize the shoulder girdle. This leads to protracted shoulders with tightened anterior and overly stretched/weak posterior muscles (upper thoracic kyphosis and protracted scapula).

The Solution: Pull Propulsion Wheelchair Wheels

Some of the benefits of utilizing pull propulsion include:

Strength building

The ROWHEELS pulling action increases posterior scapular retractor muscle activation and facilitates trunk postures that support normal glenohumeral and scapulothoracic function.

Injury prevention

The bio-mechanics of the ROWHEELS pull action eliminates or substantially reduces the forces that lead to upward migration of the upper arm (humerus) into the shoulder joint (acromial arch). This makes the risk of shoulder impingement related pain and injury markedly less likely.

Posture correction

ROWHEELS technology is also conducive to healthy posture as it actively engages and strengthens the main upper-back and shoulder muscles that retract the scapula, stabilize the shoulder girdle and straighten the thoracic region of the spine. These all lead to substantive improvements in upper body posture, relieving pressure on the thoracic cavity and rib cage, improving lung capacity and promoting better breathing.

Reduced treatment requirements

By strengthening muscles and lowering the risk of injury, the rowing action can also help reduce intake of pain medication and physical therapy to combat pain.

Save your shoulders and give them the gift of reverse propulsion this season with ROWHEELS.

We are offering some fantastic DISCOUNT deals for the holiday period running 13 December ‘19 thru 05 January ’20.

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