Introducing our latest Rowheeler…Dan Miears!

Introducing our latest Rowheeler…Dan Miears! Dan has been a manual wheelchair user for the past 27 years, the result of a motorcycle accident that also left him with a traumatic brain injury. With a motto of “What you’ve lost in life is not as important as what you CHOOSE to do with what you have left,” Dan continues to be one of the nation’s top Sales and Marketing Rehabilitation Professionals. He is also a motivational speaker and author of “The Climb of Your Life.” A resident of Atlanta, GA, Dan is has been married for 29 years and is the father of two children. As to why being an Ambassador for Rowheels is so important to him and Rowheels are game-changers, Dan responded, ”Rowheels provides technology that transforms manual wheelchair propulsion in a significant way. Utilizing other muscle groups, I’m seeing less stress on my shoulders and elbows. After 27 years of pushing, I have a new and better way to get around!” Welcome to the Rowheels family, Dan!

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