Interview with ROWHEELS user, Stacey

“I tried ROWHEELS about three weeks ago because I was having some pains and found that it really assisted me in relieving shoulder pain. Some of the problems that I experienced before I had ROWHEELS was I had some issues with the steep incline and trying to get up the incline, and having to push so hard that my shoulder would extend too far and I’d feel a twinge or a pain in my shoulder when I’d try to reach for things.

How does ROWHEELS affect my shoulder pain issues now? Well I don’t have them anymore. I am rowing backwards – I am bringing my shoulders back to my body – and I can row myself and pull myself wherever I need to go. They allow me to go into climates that are hot or wet and be able to still get up the incline. I feel completely independent when using ROWHEELS.

So what would I tell someone who hasn’t tried ROWHEELS yet? Try it, and you’ll see for yourself that it works.”

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