Interview with ROWHEELS – Autumn Nugent, User

“In 2009 I was diagnosed with MS, and for those who don’t know that is when your immune system attacks the myelin sheathing on your nerves as if it’s not supposed to be there. That affects the messaging that your brain sends to your nerves. Through progression, my muscles have become weaker – walking was more of a difficulty. It was affecting my social life.

As a result of using a manual wheelchair, I was experiencing problems with my shoulders and posture, and the motion of pushing forward – the repetitive motion of that – just would flare up a lot of my shoulder issues.

ROWHEELS are working better for me and for my shoulder and posture issues because the pulling motion is a more natural motion. I’m using bigger muscles, I am not doing the motion that was causing those shoulder problems. I’m also encouraging and reinforcing good posture with every pull, and so by using these I have eliminated the problems I was having before with the traditional push wheels. ”

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