Insurance Reimbursement

Notice to Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare will only pay for medical equipment and supplies if a supplier has a Medicare supplier number. Rowheels does not have a Medicare supplier number at this time and therefore Medicare will not pay for any medical equipment and/or supplies provided by Rowheels. The payment for all the purchases on the Rowheels store, without exception, will be the personal responsibility of the customer making the purchase.

Rowheels products covered by insurance and Veterans Affairs

ROWHEELS REV-HX REV-LX and REV-3 wheelsets and the ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 are covered by insurance, including Medicare, the VA, and private insurance through HCPCS billing code E2227. Reimbursement documents can be filled out by either your doctor/ medical staff or Physical Therapist. Insurance companies make their own determination on coverage or reimbursement based on individual consideration. If you suffer from shoulder pain or are beginning to exhibit signs of shoulder injury, talk with your doctor or therapist to see if ROWHEELS products are right for you.

Documents you can download and use to help you make an application.

1) Assigned HCPCS Codes for DME Billing

2) Medical Necessity Draft Letter

3) Notes for a successful medical evaluation

4) Medical Qualification and Justification

5) Seating Evaluation Form (12page pdf)