General FAQ Information

What are the benefits of ROWHEELS?
  • Reduces or eliminates pains, aches and injuries to the shoulders.
  • Improves posture and breathing capacity
  • Builds upper body strength and keeps you mobile.
Where can I buy ROWHEELS wheelchairs and wheelsets?

Unlike other manufacturers you can purchase your Revolution 1.0 wheelchair direct from ROWHEELS. Selling direct helps ROWHEELS keep our costs down and pass on those savings to you the customer. ROWHEELS products can also be found on Amazon and other on-line dealers as well as local dealers in your area. Please see “Also Buy Here” for more information.

Can I curb jump using ROWHEELS technology?

Rowheels’ functionality is similar to that of push wheelchairs in that once a user adapts to the rowing/pulling propulsion method, he/she should be able to perform the same maneuvers possible with push propulsion. With sufficient practice, advanced skills such as curb jumping can be performed using ROWHEELS products. Curb jumps should be attempted with anti-tippers at all times, in the presence of a spotter and only after sufficient practice.

I have been “pushing” my wheel rims for many years. Is it difficult to switch to “pulling” full time?

If you are currently a wheelchair pusher, when you first start using ROWHEELS it will take a good 15 to 30 minutes in an open space to begin getting comfortable with the change from pushing to pulling. From what we have seen, those who have been pushers for multiple decades take about 2 to 3 days to become fully comfortable with using Rowheels and that transition period becomes shorter the less time you have been pushing a chair. If you are a new wheelchair user, there is little to no adjustment.

Can I switch between “pulling” and ‘pushing”?

Yes. ROWHEELS designed the wheels to allow for the tire sidewalls to be available to push off of. This ability to pull and push seamlessly between the handrim and the wheel makes going up inclines much easier than standard wheelchairs.

ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 Wheelchair FAQ

What sizes does the wheelchair come in?

The Revolution 1.0 is available in three seat width sizes; 16”, 18” and 20”

What is wheelchair seat width?

The wheelchair seat width is the measurement of the seat upholstery between the arm rests.

What is the importance of seat width?

It is important to choose the correct seat width because this will make the wheelchair more comfortable and make it easier to use the unique pulling action.

If the seat width is too narrow, the arms of the chair can put pressure on your hips and thighs. If the seat width is too wide, it will make using the hand-rims more difficult. It will also make the wheelchair more awkward to maneuver in confined spaces.

  • 16″ (narrow adult),
  • 18″ (average adult).
  • 20″ (wide adult).

To properly determine the correct width, sit on a solid surface and measure the widest part, be it hips or thighs. Add about 1 to 2 inches to that measurement for clearance.  Keep in mind other special seating accessories such as hip guides and abductors which might need a bit more width in the wheelchair seat.

For further information or assistance, email

Does the Revolution 1.0 come with a warranty in the USA?

The Revolution 1.0 comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. ROWHEELS will either replace or repair the wheelchair at our sole discretion.

How do ROWHEELS work?

ROWHEELS wheelsets and wheelchairs are manual wheelchair wheels that are geared at the center such that you pull or “row” to propel forward. Pulling on the handrims moves the wheelchair forward and pushing on the handrims moves the wheelchair backwards. Turning is similar to standard propulsion; to turn right you pull on the left handrim and to turn left you pull on the right handrim.

Who can use ROWHEELS wheels?

The rule of thumb for determining whether a user can maneuver a ROWHEELS -equipped wheelchair is as follows:

►If you can go backwards on a standard manual wheelchair, you are a likely candidate for a ROWHEELS wheelchair or wheelsets.

►If have limited trunk control, proper set-up of your chair will be required. This will include moving your hips slightly forward for stability and making sure you are sitting comfortably in your chair and can touch the center of your wheels with your fingers.

I live in outside the USA, will ROWHEELS ship to me?

Rowheels will ship worldwide. Please contact us for international shipping quotes. Please be aware that the ROWHEELS manufacturer warranty only applies with the USA. If you need assistance, please contact the ROWHEELS support team.

Are ROWHEELS Wheels covered by insurance and the VA?

All ROWHEELS wheelchairs and wheelsets are covered by insurance, including Medicare, the VA, and private insurance through HCPCS billing code E2227. Reimbursement documents can be filled out by either your doctor/ medical staff or Physical Therapist. Insurance companies make their own determination on coverage or reimbursement based on individual consideration. If you suffer from shoulder pain or are beginning to exhibit signs of shoulder injury, talk with your doctor or therapist to see if ROWHEELS are right for you.

Notice to Medicare Beneficiaries: Medicare will only pay for medical equipment and supplies if a supplier has a Medicare supplier number. Rowheels does not have a Medicare supplier number at this time and therefore Medicare will not reimburse for any medical equipment and/or supplies provided by ROWHEELS. The payment for all the purchases in the ROWHEELS store, without exception, will be the personal responsibility of the customer making the purchase.

What colors is the Revolution 1.0 wheelchair available in?

The Revolution 1.0 is available in Rowheels Red and Ocean Blue and Vanta Black. You can select the color you prefer when placing your order.

Is there a pediatric version of the Revolution 1.0?

Not at this time. However, we would like to offer a pediatric version of the Revolution wheelchair at some point in the future, please sign up for the ROWHEELS newsletter and we will keep you informed about new product introductions.

Is the Revolution wheelchair made in the USA?

While certain sub-assemblies are manufactured overseas to help make the Revolution 1.0 so affordable. The final chair is fully assembled and tested by our factory trained technicians in the USA before shipping direct to you the customer.

If I order today when will my Revolution 1.0 arrive?

Orders usually ship with 24 hours, Monday – Friday. Within the contiguous U.S. standard ground shipping is typically 4 to 5 business days depending on your location. Once the wheelchair is shipped you will receive an email notification from ROWHEELS that includes a UPS tracking number, the tracking number enables you to see where your wheelchair is and when you can expect it to be delivered. Typically orders delivered within 3 to 4 days, depending on where you live.

How big is the delivery package?

Length 32 in (99.06 cm), Width 14 in (30.48 cm), Height 31 in (78.74 cm)
Total weight 46 lb. (22.68 kg)

Who can I talk to about an issue I am having with my new Revolution chair?

Call Rowheels Customer care on (608) 268-9670 8am to 6pm Central Time or Email

REV LX/HX/3 Wheelsets FAQ

Will ROWHEELS wheelsets work with my wheelchair?

Currently, ROWHEELS wheelsets are compatible with most models of manual wheelchairs from Quickie, TiLite, Invacare/Top End, Colours, Per4Max, Motion Composites and Ki Mobility. If you have a chair from a different manufacturer, don’t hesitate to contact us to verify compatibility.

What wheel sizes are the ROWHEELS Rev LH/HX/3 wheels available in?

REV LX/HX wheels are available in the four most common sizes which are 26″ (590 mm), 25″ (559 mm), 24″ (540 mm) and 22″ (501 mm).

REV-3 wheels are only available in 24” (540 mm)

Will the ROWHEELS wheelsets add width to my wheelchair?

Currently, the REV LX/HX wheels will add less than an inch of width to your wheelchair (approximately 5/16″ per wheel and 5/8″ TOTAL width to your chair)

Do REV HX/LX wheels come in different colors?

Currently ROWHEELS wheelsets are available with white, black or red hubs. The REV HX and REV-LX also have a choice between clear, black, and carbon fiber look spoke guards.

Are ROWHEELS’ wheelsets “quick release” wheels?

Yes, REV-LX and REV-HX and REV-3 QR wheels use a push-button quick release mechanism and the wheels can be easily taken off and on your wheelchair. REV-3 bolt-on version are not quick release.

Can I camber ROWHEELS ‘ REV-LX /HX wheels?

Yes.  ROWHEELS wheels can be cambered up to 3 degrees.

Can I still mount standard push wheels on my wheelchair after using ROWHEELS?

Yes. ROWHEELS quick release axle does not require any modification to your chairs camber tube/axle receiver.

Other FAQs and Information

What are ROWHEELS Business hours?

8:00 AM – 6:00PM Monday – Friday.

Can I buy shares in ROWHEELS?

ROWHEELS is a private company so its shares are not publicly traded. If you are an approved investor you can email us via

Common gift card scams – awareness for our customers

We want to make sure you are aware of common scams that may include asking for payment using ROWHEELS Gift Cards. While the specifics of the scams vary, scammers generally follow a common pattern: they connect with a victim by phone, email, through social media, or online; they create a sense of urgency (for example: by offering a great price or mentioning a personal hardship or emergency); they ask for payment using gift cards; and they instruct the victim to purchase gift cards online or at a nearby store. The scammer then demands or instructs the victim to provide the claim code on the gift card by phone, text message, or email – and then disappears. Here are a few reminders to help stay safe online:

What is the difference between ROWHEELS REV-LX and REV-HX and REV-3 wheelsets?

Similar to pulling on a lever, REV-LX and REV-3 wheels are geared to provide users with a mechanical advantage that translates into a 25% reduction in the effort/force required to propel when compared to standard push wheels. REV-HX wheels are the fastest manual wheelchair wheels on the market! Using a high gear version of ROWHEELS patented geared hub, REV-HX wheels turn 30% faster than the handrim. This results in a responsive and quick set of wheels. The LX’s and REV-3’s low gear design and exceptional ergonomics make wheelchair mobility easier and healthier than ever before. Going up inclines, through carpet or uneven terrain requires less effort using REV-LX and REV-3 wheels. If you have reduced upper body strength or mobility, the REV-LX and REV-3 can keep you mobile and active without needing to rely on powered alternatives. If you are an active user looking to train and exercise and/or a wheelchair user with good upper body strength looking to relieve shoulder pain, improved posture, gain stamina or improve upper body strength, the REV-HX is the answer. With REV-HX wheels you can achieve this without worrying about compromising or damaging your shoulders like you could using standard push wheels. While the REV-LX and REV-3 wheelsets have the same gearing, they are different in other ways. The REV-LX is a very rigid spoked wheel design just like the REV-HX, so you have all the same wheel size and tire types to choose from. The REV-3 wheelsets are made from solid glass-filled Nylon for excellent strength, durability and cost efficiency. The REV-3 wheelsets are available in both a bolt-on and a quick release version and all come in our popular 24” diameter and hassle-free solid tire.

How much weight will ROWHEELS REV wheels add to my wheelchair?

Each ROWHEELS REV LX/HX/3 wheel will add about 2 Lbs.  of weight relative to a standard 32 steel spoke wheel. However, you probably won’t notice the difference. Remember that your own weight can fluctuate by a few pounds from one week to the next and studies have shown that adding one or two pounds of rolling weight will have a negligible effect on the effort required to propel your wheelchair. Since using ROWHEELS wheels allows you to use your stronger back muscles, while minimizing or eliminating the factors that lead to shoulder injury and pain, the benefits far outweigh any minor issues associated with wheel weight. Using high pressure rated tires and making sure the tires are properly inflated is of much greater importance to reducing propulsion effort/rolling resistance.

No legitimate sale or transaction will require you to pay specifically with gift cards.

Never use ROWHEELS Gift Cards for payment outside of ROWHEELS Gift Cards can ONLY be used on and should not be used to make payments to other businesses or individuals.

DO NOT provide any gift card details (such as the claim code) to someone you do not know or trust. Once a claim code, from any gift card, is provided to a scammer, the funds will likely be spent before you are able to contact law enforcement or ROWHEELS.

Information on FSA and HSA

What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is an employer-established benefit account allowing you to set aside pre-tax dollars (up to $2,650 per year, per employer) to cover eligible medical expenses. Flexible Spending Accounts enable customers to save money on certain medical and dental costs covered by their respective plans. Your FSA dollars can be used to cover medical costs, including eligible over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare products, for you and any dependents claimed on your federal tax return.

What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a type of savings account that allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars (up to $3,450 per individual or $6,900 per family) to cover eligible medical expenses. An HSA can be used only if you have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Please check with your plan administrator to see if your plan is eligible for an HSA.  After enrolling in an FSA or HSA plan, you can pay for FSA and HSA eligible items through reimbursements from your plan administrator.

What items are FSA and HSA eligible on

Many Rowheels® brand items that are FSA and HSA eligible.  Please check with your plan administrator to verify that Rowheels items designated as FSA and HSA eligible are also eligible for reimbursements. For a full list of qualifying healthcare products eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement, please visit Publication 969 on the IRS website.

How do I pay for FSA and HSA eligible items on currently does not accept FSA or HSA cards as a payment method. Please use a credit, debit, or gift card to pay for your order with FSA and HSA eligible items, then submit your order receipt to your plan administrator for reimbursement.

How do I get reimbursed for FSA and HSA eligible items that I purchase on

To receive reimbursement for eligible items, please submit your saved receipt along with an online or paper reimbursement form in accordance to your plan’s policies. When submitting reimbursements, you can typically elect to receive the reimbursed payments in the form of a direct deposit to a selected bank account, or as a paper check.

Are FSA and HSA eligible items also eligible for reimbursement under a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) plan?

Many FSA and HSA eligible items are also eligible for reimbursement through HRA plans. Please contact your plan administrator to confirm HRA eligibility.

What happens to my money if I don’t use all of my FSA dollars?

Funds allocated to an FSA can be spent on eligible items in the calendar year that the plan covers. While FSA funds are designated to be fully spent in the same year that contributions to the account are made, select plans allow either (1) a carryover of $500 to the next calendar, or (2) a grace period of up to 2 months and 15 days at the beginning of the next calendar year to spend all unused funds in the account. For full details on your plan’s policy for unspent funds, please refer to your FSA plan agreement or contact your plan administrator.

What happens to my money if I don’t use all of my HSA dollars?

Funds allocated to an HSA account roll over year to year if you do not spend them fully. For full details on your plan’s policy, please refer to your HSA plan agreement or contact your plan administrator.

This information provided on is provided as an educational resource only. The content is from other public sources and is reproduced here for the convenience of consumers. Rowheels does not guarantee accuracy of this information.