A Totally New Perspective on the Wheelchair
Created by a NASA engineer.
Designed and assembled in the USA.

We don’t know who invented the earliest wheelchair, but we do know that not much changed in wheelchair fundamentals until hand-rims were introduced in 1881. And not much has changed since then – until now!

ROWHEELS is literally revolutionizing the way we use wheelchairs.  It’s pure genius!

By using the patented ROWHEELS system, wheelchair users pull on the hand-rims to go forward. This pulling action uses more capable muscles in the upper back and shoulders – greatly reducing the aches and pains associated with traditional wheelchairs. A gear reduction mechanism also makes using a ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 wheelchair much less tiring.

The main problem with traditional wheelchair pushing is that it relies mainly on two smaller muscles groups.  Over time these muscles frequently become overused and tighten, pulling the shoulder joint forward into an unstable position, this makes the shoulder joint prone to injury and pain.

When using the Revolution 1.0 you pull on the hand-rims to go forward. This pulling action uses more capable muscles in your upper back and shoulders resulting in a reduced risk of shoulder-related injuries, indeed over time the ROWHEELS pulling action will actually help strengthen your upper-body.

ROWHEELS patented technology delivers a solution that is more suited to the human form, effectively eliminating the aches and pains associated with traditional wheelchairs.

Here’s the fascinating story about how this all happened.

After suffering a severe fracture to his leg in mid-2011, Rimas Buinevicius became a wheelchair user for the first time. He quickly realized the aches and pains a typical wheelchair user suffers particularly when they use their wheelchair for extended periods of time. While searching for a solution to his aches, Rimas discovered an award-winning design by Florida-based inventor Salim Nasser, a NASA Mechanical Engineer. Paralyzed some 15 years earlier, Nasser’s passion for improving wheelchair mobility is contagious

Inventor – Salim Nasser

An illustration from Salim’s Patent Application filed March 14th 2013

Following preliminary conversations, Buinevicius consulted with his business partner James Dias, who also had a keen interest in the wheelchair market, following a lifetime of care for his younger brother who is a wheelchair user.

Investor and now ROWHEELS Chairman – Rimas Buinevicius with an early prototype.

Since 2011, the ROWHEELS design has been refined and the team has worked aggressively towards delivering a manufacturing-ready specification. The final product specification is centered on delivering high end, lightweight performance characteristics that will allow ROWHEELS to be used for full daily mobility as well as recreational use.

The initial design was refined for commercial production over a number of years.

Wisconsin Governors Business Plan Competition 2012 – ROWHEELS was the first-place winner in the advanced manufacturing category of the contest. The award was announced at the closing lunch for the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference in downtown Milwaukee.

US Patent   US 8,931,796 B2   is granted January 13th 2015.

The first product, the Rowheels REV-HX (High Gear), was launched in 2015. Then the Rowheels REV-LX (Low Gear) was launched in 2016.

Users were delighted with their Rowheels and the positive impact it had on their lives.  EU Patent   EP 2 838 486 B1 is granted August 30th 2017.

Several in-depth research studies confirmed the benefits of pulling over pushing.


By 2018 the product had been exhaustively tested by real customers in a real world environment and the results couldn’t have been better. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Gaurav Mishra CEO

CEO – Gaurav Mishra

Medical industry expert Gaurav Mishra was appointed as ROWHEELS CEO and the strategic decision was made to produce not just ROWHEELS wheels but also a range of ROWHEELS wheelchairs, each one incorporating ROWHEELS unique pull technlogy. These new ROWHEELS chairswill be sold direct to customers. This bold disruptive strategy is an industry first and has enormous potential to disrupt not just the wheelchair market. ROWHEELS may be small right now but it has grand ambitions. ROWHEELS’ direct to consumer retail busines model will eventually evolve into an       e-commerce platform that will offer a broad range of medical devices from leading brand names.

ROWHEELS has the patented and proven solution to a huge medical problem. Madison gives Rowheels access to a wealth of STEM graduates and Tech talent. The future looks very exciting.

The ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0. The worlds first wheelchair with fully integrated ROWHEELS pull technology wheels. ROWHEELS is now taking pre-orders prior to deliveries starting in early 2019.

Project Pitch It Season Three Winners.

ROWHEELS’ CEO Gaurav Mishra successfully pitches ROWHEELS technology to a panel of leading business moguls who question, advise, and challenge the participants to take their ventures to the next level.

Rowheels ‘redefines’ distribution channel, launches RehabPulse.com

 Rowheels launches RehabPulse.com, an online marketplace for rehab equipment from the top manufacturers and brands.

To start, the site will initially offer manual and power wheelchairs, ramps, braces and compression, and aids to daily living. It will eventually expand to include other products, as well as service and repairs.

“We want RehabPulse.com to become the leading global technology platform to meet the complex demands of people with mobility challenges,” said Gaurav Mishra, CEO of Rowheels.  “At Rowheels, we not only reinvented the wheelchair technology but also redefined the distribution channel and the whole customer experience.”

For sellers, RehabPulse.com features a seller dashboard, offering product and inventory management, pricing control and marketing management.

For customers, the website brings together the best rehab products in one place, while offering great deals, financing options, and access to the latest community news, guidance and videos.

McKesson, Compass Health, Ki Mobility, Merits Health, Motion Composites and WHILL are among the companies that have already signed up.

“We believe this site will revolutionize the industry for vendors and customers alike,” said Todd Aiazzone of Merits Health.