About Rowheels

Rowheels Inc. was founded in 2011 with the goal of developing the reverse propulsion wheel concept into a commercially viable product that could help users suffering from repetitive stress injuries of the shoulder.

Our mission is to make the standard wheelchair wheel obsolete and Rowheels the norm! We understand that this won’t be easy but pushing propulsion is inefficient, uses poor biomechanics and is a major cause of shoulder injury and pain. It’s time for wheelchair users to experience the worlds first truly therapeutic manual wheelchair.

Rowheels launched the Revolution 1.0 wheelchair in 2018. Customer deliveries of FDA approved wheelchairs commenced in May 2019. The Revolution 1.0 is made using components fabricated in the USA and overseas. Assembly and testing is performed by factory technicians at the Rowheels facility in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Rowheels History

After suffering a severe fracture to his leg in mid-2011, Rimas Buinevicius became a wheelchair user for the first time. He quickly realized the aches and pains a typical wheelchair user suffers as they use their wheelchair for extended periods of time. His interest in the area now piqued, he began to research the field and the associated inventions and ideas that attempt to overcome the primary flaw in manual wheelchair mobility. Through this market probe, he discovered an award-winning design by Florida-based inventor Salim Nasser, a NASA Mechanical Engineer. Paralyzed some 15 years earlier, Nasser’s passion for improving wheelchair mobility translated itself over the last decade through his mechanical engineering studies and design concepts for Rowheels. Following preliminary conversations, Buinevicius consulted with his business partner James Dias, who also had a keen interest in the wheelchair market, following a lifetime of care for his wheelchair-bound younger brother.

Subsequently, through their mutual interests in commercializing the product and solving this significant problem, a joint venture was formed between Salim Nasser and Madcelerator, comprised of operating partners Rimas Buinevicius, Brad Reinke, James Dias and Janice Moen. Since October of 2011, the principals have refined the design, filed utility patents and worked aggressively towards delivering a manufacturing-ready specification. The final product specification is centered on delivering high end, lightweight performance characteristics that will allow Rowheels to be used for full daily mobility as well as recreational use.

The first product, the Rowheels REV-HX (High Gear), was launched in 2015. Our patent on the Rowheels was granted in 2015 also. Then the Rowheels REV-LX (Low Gear) was launched in 2016. Our European Union Patents were granted in 2017. The Rowheels Revolution Wheelchair 1.0 will launch in 2018.

In 2018 Gaurav Mishra was appointed as CEO and the strategic decision was made to produce an integrated wheelchair the Revolution 1.0 the wheelchair would be sold direct to customers by Rowheels. This bold strategy is an industry first and has enormous potential to disrupt the entire wheelchair market.


2011 – Salim and Rimas met

2012 – Won 2012 Governors Business Plan Competition

2013 to 2014 – Prototype designed and tested

2015 – HX Rowheels launched and Patent Granted

2016 – LX Rowheels launched.

2017 – EU Patent granted.

2018 – Launch of Rowheels Revolution 1.0 Wheelchair

2020 – Launch Rehabpulse.com