Unparalleled Health Benefits & Features


Wheelchair Propulsion Redefined

Pull to boost your maneuverability,
speed and independence.

Healthy and pain-free mobility.

Unique pulling action can reduce or eliminate
mobility-related shoulder pain and injury.

Strengthen and rehabilitate through daily mobility.

It’s like a gym, a therapist and a posture specialist
rolled into one device!

Find the right version of ROWHEELS for you


Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchairs

Revolution 1.0 Wheelchairs

Power Boost

Our Rev-LX and Rev-3 wheelsets along with our Revolution 1.0 wheelchairs are easy to use because the unique ROWHEELS low-gear technology requires 25% less effort than a traditional wheelchair. All thanks to maintenance free reduction gears built into the wheel hub.

Stopping Power

All ROWHEELS devices come with our unique braking assist feature standard. Simply push the hand-rim towards your body to engage the brakes.

Pull or Push

Famous for our rowing action ROWHEELS devices also gives you the option to push when you need it. ROWHEELS wheels are designed to allow you to push using the tire sidewalls.


Using the patented ROWHEELS system you pull on the hand-rims to go forward. This pulling action uses more capable muscles in your upper back and shoulders resulting in a reduced risk of shoulder-related injuries. ROWHEELS therapeutic technology is the first of its kind.

Wrist Protection

ROWHEEL’S rowing action reduces strain on the wrists, Reducing the risk of developing or further aggravating wrist related injuries. All our products are also available with Natural Fit/Surge oval handrim. If you have reduced grip, you can specify Q-grip or RibGrip hand-rims.


The ROWHEELS Revolution 1.0 is the first and only wheelchair specifically designed to work with ROWHEELS patented technology. This integrated whole chair approach results in greater comfort and extended mobility.

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