You've been selected to participate in our exclusive Beta tester program. As a valued beta tester, you will receive a significant discount and will be required to provide feedback as well as answer periodic survey questions for one year from the date of purchase. Just Follow the three steps below.


-The Rowheels Team

1. Take a few measurements

We Need you to follow the instructions below so that you can provide us with the necessary information that will allow us to make sure that the wheels we send you will fit on your chair.



 2. Purchase Your RevHX


Customize and purchase your RevHX! Make sure you followed the instructions in step 1 so you can select the correct axle And frame clamp type.

3. Watch Instructional videos


Once you place your order, click below to  watch Instructional videos on how to use Rowheels as well as how to install Rowheels wheel adapters.

Instructional videos